What is ST25 rice? Where do you buy it? How much? How to distinguish real ST25 rice from fake

2023-02-08 16:01:42
What is ST25 rice? Where do you buy it? How much? How to distinguish real ST25 rice from fake

ST 25 rice is the rice that won the first prize in the 11th World's Best Rice contest held in Manila, Philippines. Follow the article below to find out all the information about this rice with Best Group Vietnam!

1. What is ST25 rice ?

* Origin of rice ST25

Nguồn gốc của gạo ST25
Origin of rice ST25

ST25 rice is named after where it was researched and produced. ST25 is Soc Trang 25. This is Soc Trang fragrant rice, researched for 20 years by engineer Ho Quang Cua with Dr. Tran Tan Phuong, engineer Nguyen Thi Thu Huong. The ST25 variety is a famous new fragrant rice line with many "premium" qualities.

* Characteristics of rice ST25

  • ST25's rice grain has a long, flat shape, clear white color, no silver on the belly, no broken pieces.
  • Especially rice must have the aroma of pandan leaves, young nuggets.

Đặc tính của gạo ST25
Characteristics of rice ST25

* Achievements of ST25 rice

In 2019, ST25 rice was recognized as the world's best rice after surpassing Thai and Cambodian rice at the 11th World's Best Rice contest organized by The Rice Trader. By 2020, ST25 rice won the second prize at the "World's Best Rice 2020" contest held in the US.

Thành tựu của gạo ST25
Achievements of ST25 rice

Although, it cannot maintain the first place, but ST25 rice has always been loved by the Vietnamese and foreign communities. Mr. Do Ha Nam (VFA vice president) said that the number 1 or 2 position of ST25 rice should not be too important because the fact that this year's second prize was a great success for Vietnam.

* Why is ST25 rice the best rice in the world ?

The point that makes ST25 rice special is thanks to the nutritional composition contained inside each grain of rice. The content of  protein in rice is 10 times higher than that of ordinary rice, along with it contains  fiber,  magnesium.

được gieo trồng ở ruộng nuôi tôm nên không có thuốc trừ sâu và phân bón hóa học

Rice is grown in shrimp farms, so there are no pesticides and chemical fertilizers. ST25 rice grains are elongated, white in color, and have no white belly. When you smell it, it will have an aroma like the smell of nuggets. Rice cooked from ST25 rice is very tasty, flexible and has a sweet taste. In particular, this rice has a high protein content, so it is suitable for people with diabetes, both the elderly and children.

loại gạo này có hàm lượng protein cao nên phù hợp với người mắc bệnh đái tháo đường

2. Where to buy ST25 rice ? How much ?

Poor quality ST25 rice appeared rampant in the market. Therefore, you need to carefully choose to buy at large, long-standing and reputable rice dealers.

Today the product is available in supermarkets and grocery stores. However, you also need to observe its characteristics to be able to choose to buy quality and safe rice bags for yourself and your family.

To ensure safety and quality, please choose to buy ST25 rice products at Best Group Viet Nam. In addition to excellent rice quality, Best Group Vietnam also offers customers extremely attractive promotions as well as attentive and warm service style.

Mua gạo ST25 ở đâu? Giá bao nhiêu?Where to buy ST25 rice ? How much ?

Above is some useful information that Best Group Viet Nam has compiled about ST25 rice to help you choose to buy quality products. Follow Best Group Viet Nam to update other articles to share experiences, live healthy, beautiful every day!

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