What are macadamia nuts? Health benefits of macadamia nuts.

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What are macadamia nuts? Health benefits of macadamia nuts.

Macadamia nuts or macadamia nut (Macadamia) is the most popular type of nut today. To really help promote the use of macadamia nuts when used when you need to know how to choose quality macadamia nuts.

What are macadamia nuts ?

Macadamia nuts are also transliterated into Vietnamese as macadamia nuts. Currently, this macadamia fruit is known as the queen of nuts. Especially good for young children and pregnant women. Because of this popularity, low-quality, unknown-origin varieties have had the opportunity to creep in. Consumers both lose money and do not bring the desired results. However, you can still identify good quality macadamia nuts if you take some time to learn and apply the suggestions in the article.

Hình ảnh hạt mắc ca

Hình ảnh hạt mắc ca

Origin of macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are a fruit native to Australia (Theo Wikipedia). This nut has brought the feeling of eating forever without getting bored with its crispy, fatty taste. Besides, this seed also contains a large amount of vitamins B6, C, E, calcium and omega-7. These are extremely healthy ingredients. Especially necessary for pregnant women and young children.

As recommended by many nutritionists, every day our body must supplement cereals. Like: oats, brown rice, wheat, rice, corn, millet… Each type brings certain benefits to health. With  eating macadamia nuts  every day, you will not worry about nutritional deficiencies.

Hình ảnh hạt măc ca ÚC

Types of macadamia nuts on the market today

Macadamia berries are now a food that is loved by many consumers. Therefore, the  macca nut  market is quite diverse and rich in origin and price.

Australian Macadamia Nuts:

Currently, there are two types of Australian macadamia. It is the dried and peeled type. These two types keep the traditional flavor. Besides, there are products packaged with novel flavors of honey, or salt.

Chinese Macadamia Nuts:

This is the cheapest on the market. Chinese macadamia nuts attract users only by their beautiful appearance and eye-catching color. However, in terms of taste and aroma, it is not as good as other macadamia nuts.

Vietnamese Macadamia Nuts:

Currently, our country also grows macadamia nuts in the Central Highlands. With this type, the particles will be uneven in size. Outer bark dark brown, very thick. When sliced, there is a fine powder inside that surrounds the filling.

South African macadamia nuts:

The South African macadamia has a stronger flavor than the Chinese macadamia, but not as much as the Australian macadamia. Looks like Vietnamese macadamia but is rougher and thicker.

Nutritional composition of macadamia nut

The following nutritional information is provided by the USDA for 28g, or approximately 10, 12 macadamia nuts (dry-roasted, unsalted).

– Calories: 204
– Fat: 21.4g
– Sodium: 1.13mg
– Amount of carbohydrates: 3.79g
– Fiber: 2.27g
– Sugar: 1.17g
– Protein: 2.21g

Nutritional data provided by USDA Food Data Central for dry roasted macadamia nut. If nuts are processed or cooked with oil or if other ingredients are added, the nutritional data will change.

Uses of macadamia nuts

Foods that not only help us but also help maintain our health every day. Each type will have different effects on the body. Particularly, macadamia berries are not only for ordinary people but also for special people because of the following uses.

1. Macadamia nuts are good for the heart

Cardiovascular disease is a disease that cannot be avoided by the elderly. These diseases all involve the heart and blood vessels. In addition to having to take medicine regularly every day, the patient needs to have a special diet. That is low fat, lower cholesterol the better.

According to analysis, the content in macadamia nuts has a lot of unsaturated fat. Especially the amount of cholesterol is not present in this fruit. Therefore, this fruit can be substituted for other complementary foods for people with cardiovascular disease.

2. Eating macadamia berries helps stabilize blood sugar

The use of macadamia nuts for diabetes is always recognized by everyone. The composition of fiber and protein will help the body stay full, no longer craving for food. This keeps blood sugar levels stable. Constipation symptoms are also prevented more thoroughly.

3. Eating macadamia nuts creates a feeling of fullness, does not cause fat accumulation in the body

Everyone thinks that macadamia has a fatty taste, so it is easy to cause weight gain. On the contrary, this type of fat is good for weight loss. The fatty taste of the seeds is caused by Omega-7. This is a substance that helps burn fat in the body. Palmitoleic acid in Omega-7 will help limit fat accumulation in the body. Fat makes you feel fuller for longer. Since then, no longer feel craving for other snacks. Therefore, if you are on a weight loss diet, you should add macadamia nuts every day.

4. Macadamia nuts are very good for pregnant women

The use of macadamia nuts is very necessary for pregnant women and babies

This is one of the uses of macadamia nuts that everyone knows. That is useful and necessary for pregnant women. Folic acid in macadamia berries will help prevent birth defects. Calcium and iron will help the baby's bones develop well, prevent osteoporosis for the mother. The bone substance in macadamia also helps limit the common constipation in pregnant women. In particular, Omega will help children's brains develop better.

5. Being a good antioxidant and preventing cancer:

Flavonoids in macadamia are converted into antioxidants. Thereby, protecting the body's cells from harmful agents. Cancers are also thoroughly prevented.

6. Macadamia nuts help good skin care:

Many women often wonder what is the effect of eating macacia. In fact, macadamia nut is one of the medicinal herbs used to prepare care. Oleic acid in macadamia is very effective in moisturizing and regenerating the skin. In addition, Palmitoleic fatty acids also care for healthy skin, hair and nails.

7. Macadamia nuts keep bones healthy:

Bone health is very important to everyone. Especially children and the elderly. Using macadamia nuts every day will replace calcium preparations. Because the ingredients in macadamia contain enough calcium, phosphorus, manganese and Omega. These are substances that help prevent osteoporosis and regenerate new bones. Therefore, the bone structure is always healthy.

Who should supplement with macadamia nuts every day

1. Macadamia nuts are good for pregnant women:

This is an object that should be given the most attention. Pregnant women should supplement with macadamia nuts every day to give birth to a healthy and intelligent baby. In 100g of macadamia nuts, there are enough nutrients for a mother to raise a healthy baby from the womb. In addition, it also helps prevent birth defects.

Ăn macca tốt cho bà bầu

2. Macadamia berries are good for children:

Children always need the most energy. Because this is the age that often runs and jumps. In macadamia has enough protein, iron, calcium, omega, vitamins ... will help supplement the substances that are lacking in the body.

Hạt mắc ca tốt cho trẻ em

3. Macadamia nuts are good for dieters to lose weight:

The diet of the dieter is to reduce sugar and starch. In "Macadamia fruit" has a low carbohydrate content. It also contains a moderate amount of fat. Therefore, macadamia fruit is the first choice when you need to lose weight. Always feel comfortable, the stomach does not feel hungry. Thanks to that, thanks to the high efficiency of weight loss.

Ăn hạt macca giúp giảm cân

4. Macadamia nuts are good for diabetics:

Diabetes is a disease that causes many dangerous complications. However, there is a paradox that this disease requires abstaining from sugar, but the patient's body always has a craving for sweets. Using  macca  every day will help patients minimize cravings.

A few notes to know for the best use of macadamia nuts

Should use macadamia nuts properly for best absorption

Although the use of macadamia nuts  has many benefits for all types of users. But we should not overdo them either.

- Should use macadamia nuts instead of snacks. Used to fight hunger, when feeling sad and while waiting for a main meal.

If you are a normal, healthy person, you should only use it sparingly. It is best every day, 5 seeds in the morning, 5 seeds in the afternoon is enough.

Particularly for special subjects such as pregnant women, young children, and sick people, the increase may be higher. We can base on our diet how to supplement appropriately.

- Store macadamia nuts carefully. Avoid places that are moldy or have insect bites. After eating, you must cover your mouth so that the seeds are always fragrant and crispy.

How to choose good quality macadamia nuts

The best macadamia nuts are still those originating from Australia. We cannot tell by the packaging. This method is not effective. Because today's production facilities are very easy to pack and create famous labels for products. It is best to look directly from the Macadamia nut.

1. Observe the crack in the macadamia nut shell

If the macca fruit is of good origin, then the cracks will open very naturally. We should prioritize this fruit. In contrast, with macadamias that are machined to create gaps, you need to reconsider.

qua mac ca

2. Observe the color outside the macadamia nut

trai mac ca

Light brown, thin-skinned nuts contain higher nutritional content

With macadamia berries with glossy seeds, dark brown color, accompanied by a complex aroma, the quality and nutritional content are not guaranteed. With quality macadamia nuts, the color is lighter brown, the shell is thin. Full filling inside with milky white color. This is the type of seed that we should choose to buy. If possible, choose fresh macadamia berries to ensure enough nutrients.

Some ways to eat macadamia nuts

– Eat natural. Here's how to enjoy the original taste of the macadamia nut.

– Eat with yogurt pickle: Includes fruit, yogurt and macadamia nuts. Not only nutritious, good for digestion but also beautiful skin.

– Used as ingredients to make cakes: Your cake after baking will be more fragrant and richer if combined with the salty taste of macadamia nuts.

–  Roasting macadamia nuts, can be roasted without or roasted with salt will be very delicious.

– Use as a substitute for other nuts: Often people put roasted sesame on salads, or roasted peanuts on smoothies. We can completely replace it with roasted macadamia nuts. Guaranteed you will be addicted as soon as you enjoy.


Macadamia nuts are not only a snack to eat but also bring many health benefits. Therefore, instead of having to buy unhealthy and expensive snacks, you should have a jar of macadamia ready at home. The health of the whole family will be better taken care of.

To be able to fully absorb all the nutrients in macadamia nut, you should choose to use as little processed product as possible. That's why macadamia nuts with natural kernels are always the top favorite.

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